Batch Certificates

OCP guarantees for the constant, high quality level of any ink batch produced and the corresponding formulation by issuing individual Batch Certificates.

For any produced batch OCP issues - after succeeding with the quality tests - an individual "Batch Certificate". Every BC shows in figures and as a chart that this specific batch of ink complies with the physical parameters of the formulation.

"Batch Cerficates" of OCP inks are available upon request. Please contact the sales department just by Email or use the form below and refer to a certain Delivery Note or individual batch number to receive a copy of the BC as Adobe Acrobat file.

The following samples of „Batch Certificates“ can be downloaded as Acrobat-File:


025263 BKP41.pdf (52,93 KB)

025289 BKP49.pdf download (53,42 KB)

025321 C41.pdf download (52,37 KB)

025345 Y39.pdf download (52,36 KB)

025311 M39.pdf download (52,38 KB)


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