Service Information

Service Information

Ink-jet printing technology is becoming more and more complex. OCP supplies some basic know-how that could be of help for the daily ink-jet business: Our Service-Information sheets.

Please bear in mind that our "Service-Information" is a guideline only. For perfect operation of refilled cartridges it takes more than just OCP inks. The following three compenents work together and are equally important for trouble-free ink-jet printing:

  • Good “empties”
  • the right refill equipment
  • the right OCP ink

But only together with knowledge, experience and a portion of special know-how only refilled and/or remanufactured cartridges of finest quality can be achieved. All following files are available as Adobe Acrobat files. Please click at the link according to the mentioned topic to open the file.

Service Information: Tank Cartridges
Service Information: Foam Cartridges
Service Information: Pigment Inks
Service Information: Differences of Black Pigment Inks
Service Information: Rinse Solution
Service Information: Lightfastness
Service Information: Physical Properties
Service Information: Remanufacturing of HP Color Cartridges
Service Information: Replacement and Compatible Foams

Service Information: Guideline for Nozzle Rocket
Guideline for Nozzle Rocket.pdf download (241,75 KB)

Service Information: Refill Advice for Canon PGI-5 and CLI-8 Ink Tanks
Refill Advice for Canon PGI-5 and CLI-8 Ink Tanks.pdf download (95,71 KB)

Service Information: Processing Advice for LCFIII
Processing Advice for LCFIII.pdf download (284,47 KB)

Service Information: Pierced Filters
Pierced Filters.pdf download (1,63 MB)