OCP Service Products

Product Name Colour Prod. Code Description
Cleaning Fluid red CLW For OUTSIDE cleaning of inkjet cartridges, especially plastic surfaces
Concentrated Rinse Solution 1:3 colourless CRS For INSIDE rinsing (flushing) of inkjet cartridges
Epson Rinsing Ink blue ESS For technical details please check product datasheet
Lexmark Cleaning Fluid III colourless LCF III Please check Service Information No. 12 for details
Nozzle Rocket colourless NRF Rinse Solution with special additives to unclog persistant particles inside inkjet cartridges
Pure Ink Water colourless RWA Purified water for flushing inkjet cartridges after the usage of Rinse Solution (Conductivity <1 µS)
Rinse Solution yellow RSL For INSIDE rinsing (flushing) of inkjet cartridges