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OCP's test charts - assistence for your quality management

Ink-Jet cartridges of the same type look always similar. In comparison to OEM cartridges they are just labeled with another sticker, but what about the "inside value"? And what about the printing quality of remanufactured cartridges?

A perfect Quality Management for remanufacturing companies requires certified testing procedures. Only by establishing repeatable testing methods all research statements and results will be reliable.

By recognizing problems and especially their origin systematically, improvement of product quality becomes much easier.

OCP's "Test Charts" allow specified, repeatable printouts for exact detection and analysis of printing phenomenons.

To access to any chart, just click at one of the following links:

OCP Color Test Chart.PDF download (1,24 MB)

OCP CMYK Chart.pdf download (50,20 KB)

OCP Drying Time Protocol.pdf download (68,98 KB)

OCP Quick Brown Fox Chart.pdf download (10,67 KB)

OCP Line Pattern Chart.pdf download (13,27 KB)